Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kettlebells @ LFC Fitness for Women

New Classes at LFC Fitness for Women

Dorchester, MA

Swing into Spring!

Wednesday Nights @ 7pm and Sat. mornings at 8 am!

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A Plateau-Busting Workout Regimen

Kettlebells—those heavy cast iron balls that closely resemble a cannonball with a handle on top—can radically transform your body. These old-school workout tools originated in Russia in the early 1700s and have been used to train the country's special armed forces. In recent years, kettlebells have become increasingly popular in the United States, particularly since they were used by the well-muscled cast of the film 300 to help build their lean, rock-hard, bodies—not to mention their eight-pack abs.

Kettlebells have been described as the ultimate workout tool—and for good reason. Used correctly, they will give you an intense aerobic and anaerobic full-body workout, as almost every movement you do with them utilizes virtually every major muscle in the body. They're hard to use, but well worth the effort. Kettlebells vary in size and weight, ranging from nine pounds to an 88-pound behemoth, and even the smallest can be used to build some serious strength.

Using kettlebells will improve not just strength but also endurance (both muscular and cardiovascular), flexibility, range of motion, and joint stability. You will be hard pressed to find any piece of equipment, big or small, that offers the variety and benefits that a kettlebell can. Add them to your current workout regimen or use them to break through a plateau; either way, you will reap the benefits and see the gains from using one.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pole Dancing

                            Fitness for Women

 ****735 William T Morrissey Blvd Dorchester, MA*****

Hosting a Pole Dancing Workshop by Pole Control Fitness

Feb 19th, 2011 5:00pm-8:00pm (Saturday) 
Call us to register. 617-265-1994
$25 for LFC Members
$30 for Non Members.
Must pre-register!

Make it a Girls Night Out!

Here are some benefits of Pole Dancing

You probably saw "pole dancing" and thought about nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs, but there is a large movement in recent years to get away from that impression and truly see the benefits of using a pole for exercising. It is a well known fact girls working in these types of nightclubs are toned and in great shape. It comes from the moves they make and the exercise they get from using the pole.
There does not have to be anything lascivious about pole dancing. Instead, you can set your fitness room up to help tone various body parts and feel good about yourself. Added to the benefits you will discover with this type of dancing and exercise is the fun you can have.
 Here is a list of some of the benefits you can get from pole dancing:
  • You'll burn a plethora of calories
  • Tone your abdominal muscles
  • Increase your arm and shoulder strength
  • Have well toned legs
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches you how to dance
Pole dancing is for more than women. In fact men have got into some of the exercises because they enjoy learning how to dance. If you are having trouble learning how to limber up your hips, legs, or arms for dancing in a music club pole dancing can help with this.
You learn how to get your hips to move with more freedom, which can translate to any type of dance moves. As your legs, arms and hips become more flexible you will find benefit in other areas of your life. For example, if you enjoy sports the flexibility can help you move a bit faster or with more lithe movements.
Do you like to rock climb? Pole dancing can be another way to get your strength built up in a different manner. Instead of working on a fake wall to climb you can work on building arm strength, while dancing. The next time you encounter a shelf to climb over on a rock wall you may just find your legs have the flexibility to ease over that ledge.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

ZUMBA @ LFC Fitness for Women-Dorchester, MA

Here is one of our Zumba Classes!  We offer Zumba for all ages.
Zumba, ZumbaToning, ZumbAtomic, and ZumbaGold

These are the TOP 5 reasons YOU should start taking Zumba Classes!

There's definitely a new wave in fitness and it's called Zumba. If you haven't taken Zumba classes yet, you should give it a try. Much of its craze and following is due to it's danced-based cardio class that blends the rhythms of Latin and Hip Hop music. Here are five reasons on why people are flocking to Zumba:
1. Easy to get started
You don't have to purchase fancy clothing or even equipment to get started. Just find the place that's having group Zumba classes, bring yourself and your two feet -- you should be good. This makes Zumba very cost-effective for people wanting to get a good workout. Just be ready to move your body to some Latin/Hip-Hop beats.
2. It's not just exercise -- it's fun!
There are a lot of fitness classes that is straight to the point, you're going to come here and lift weights or do steps for 60 minutes straight. I'm not saying people don't see the fun in that, but Zumba is a bit more unusual since it's a mix of dance classes and a fitness workout -- you're literally dancing the whole way through. Who doesn't think dancing is fun? Some people consider it a party every time they go. You can even take some of the moves you learn to the real dance floor.
3. You'll get workout and more
Zumba is based on interval training along with cardio. By keeping your muscles confused throughout the workout by changing the dances constantly, people often start to see results quicker than they realize. Going from Merengue, hip-hop, to salsa -- you don't even notice. Along with the slow and fast interval training, the workout is fast so you burn a ton of calories each session. Fitness can be fun.
4. It's very easy to learn Zumba
Zumba makes it very easy for people to follow along with having fun. A lot of the class will cover basic moves you need to get started. You'll repeat it over and over again, and before you know it -- it'll be something that comes second nature to you. Then you'll build upon it and start learning more and more. The idea is that you won't be lost constantly trying to keep up -- the goal is to have fun and get a workout too.
5. There's a level suited for you
Some people are afraid to start Zumba-ing since it seems so intense/fast initially. Although it definitely is a fast cardio class, there are many levels of Zumba to fit your needs. Every move has a modification, so you will feel comfortable with every move of your workout!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

13 Tips for Sticking to your New Years Resolutions

13 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day.
This Wednesday: 13 tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions.
New Year’s Eve is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s the season for resolutions. I’ve always been part of the some 44% of Americans who make (and also break) New Year’s resolutions; I’m a big believer in the power of small changes to make us happier.
Along the way, and especially since I started my resolutions-based happiness project, I’ve hit on some strategies for helping myself stick to resolutions.
1. Be specific. Don’t resolve to “Make more friends” or “Strengthen friendships”; that’s too vague. To make more friends as part of my happiness project, I have several very concrete resolutions like: “Start a group,” “Say hello,” “Make plans,” “Show up,” and “No gossip.”
2. Write it down.
3. Review your resolution constantly. If your resolution is buzzing through your head, it’s easier to stick to it. I review my Resolutions Chart every night.
4. Hold yourself accountable. Tell other people about your resolution, join or form a like-minded group, score yourself on a chart (my method) -- whatever works for you to make yourself feel accountable for success and failure. (If you want to see my Resolutions Chart, as inspired by Benjamin Franklin, email me at grubin at gretchenrubin dot com.)
5. Think big. Maybe you need a big change, a big adventure – a trip to a foreign place, a break-up, a move, a new job. Let yourself imagine anything, and plan from there.
6. Think small. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only radical change can make a difference. Just keeping your fridge cleared out could give you a real boost. Look close to home for ways to improve and grow.
7. Ask for help. Why is this so hard? But every time I ask for help, I’m amazed at how much easier my task becomes.
If you have an especially tough time keeping resolutions, if you have a pattern of making and breaking them, try these strategies:
8. Consider making only pleasant resolutions. We can make our lives happier in many ways. If you're struggling to keep your resolutions, try resolving to “Go to more movies,” "Find more time to read," or whatever resolutions you’d find fun to keep. Often, having more fun in our lives makes it easier to do tough things. Seeing more movies might make it easier to keep going to the gym.
9. Consider giving up a resolution. If you keep making and breaking a resolution, consider whether you should relinquish it entirely. Put your energy toward changes that are both realistic and helpful. Don't let an unfulfilled resolution to lose twenty pounds or to overhaul your overgrown yard block you from making other, smaller resolutions that might give you a big happiness boost.
10. Keep your resolution every day. Weirdly, it’s often easier to do something every day (exercise, post to a blog, deal with the mail, do laundry) than every few days.
11. Set a deadline.
12. Don’t give up if something interferes with your deadline.
13. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Thank you, Voltaire. Instead of starting your new exercise routine by training for the marathon, aim for a 20-minute walk each day. Instead of cleaning out the attic, tackle one bureau drawer. If you break your resolution today, try again tomorrow.